Sunday, February 24, 2013

Very Late, Yet Very Exciting News...

Have I mentioned I'm way behind on my blogging??? LOL

Well, on December 15th I discovered this sweet, scrumptious face on the My Family Found Me page. (you're going to have to scroll way down if you want to see him as 59 more kids have been found since him – is that not the most beautiful thing ever?!)


I figured I’d better introduce you to the wonderful family God has chosen for our little Andrey now otherwise, given my current blogging track record, Andrey could be home by the time I get around to writing a whole other post about them!

Katherine and Asa Killen
(and their two beautiful daughters, Piper and Zoe)

The story of how the Killen’s found Andrey is a beautiful story of unconditional love. They fell in love with one sole picture and a promise from God that the beautiful child in it was their son. It wasn't until later that they learned about all of Andrey’s special needs but that didn't change one thing. In their own words, “He is PERFECT; just the way he is.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch the video above and get to know the Killen family – it won’t take you long to see why I am so excited that God has chosen them for my little munchkin!  After you've watched the video, please hop over to their blog, leave a comment and let them know that you’re praying for them and, if you can, donate to help bring this little boy home where he belongs.

To my little munchkin:
If I’m going to be honest I have to say, I wasn’t sure this day would ever come. Your needs so intimidating, I wasn’t sure a family would ever have the courage to say “yes” to you. But God had the perfect family in mind all along, a family not afraid of what life’s hardships have done to you but able to see you for the little boy God created you to be. I will never forget the day I got to witness you take your first steps unassisted. To see you taking those steps of faith, trusting me to keep you safe, and then the moment when everything in you let go and your laugher filled the air. It was one of the highlights of my trip and I will forever be grateful for the privilege of being allowed to share in that holy moment with you. I pray that as you are welcomed into your new, forever family that the trust, the confidence and the joy that I saw in you that day would continue to grow and that God would heal all of the hurt in your heart and make you a new creation in Him.

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Catalina said...

This struck me down in awe. What an awesome news. Aiden been on my prayer page for so long, an eternity it seems, and I read this now, weeping with joy.