Sunday, December 18, 2011


Last week three of my angels became unavailable for adoption. There is a priest in Ukraine who has a lot of political power/influence. Over the past 10 years he has run a private orphanage for approximately 250 children. Recently the priest was given funding to establish a “nursing home for disabled children” which will house 100 additional children. The facility is now open and the priest has been going from city to city selecting children. On Wednesday he selected three children who are very near and dear to my heart…


As far as we know, Dima, Liza and Bogdan are now living in this new orphanage and are no longer available for adoption. Ever since I heard the news I have felt a mixture of panic, nausea and a profound heaviness in my spirit. All reports state that this is a good orphanage where the children will be well cared for. Their physical and medical needs will be taken care of and they will even receive an education. But no orphanage can take the place of the family which every child deserves. This place is far from the mental institutions where these children would have ended up had they not been adopted (which I am extremely grateful for) but will my babies ever have someone to kiss their foreheads as they tuck them into bed each night? Will they ever someone who will make them their favourite food on their birthday? Will they ever have someone who makes them feel like the most special person in the world? Will they ever someone to whisper in their ear, “You are chosen, you are special, you are mine”?

Two of these children had families committed to them whom I believed with everything in me were handpicked by God just for them. I don’t understand this. This is not the way it was supposed to be. I am angry and confused and I wonder how I will keep doing this. Although it may not make sense, in many ways I am hurting as much now as I did when I left Ukraine only this time, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. One day I’m receiving regular updates on “my” kids, following along as their families work hard to bring them home and excitedly looking forward to the day I will get to see them in their arms. The next day they’re just gone, never to be seen or heard of again. Yet while I grieve, there are families that are hurting even more than I am. Mommies and Daddies and brothers and sisters who were anxiously awaiting the day that they would welcome a precious child, already a member of their family, into their arms and homes forever. Dima, Liza and Bogdan are only three out of approximately 50 children who were taken, many of whom had families coming. Please pray for these families who are mourning the loss of their children. Pray for all the children who have been taken away from everything they know and brought to a strange, new place. Pray for the staff at the new orphanage, that it truly would be as great a place as everyone says it is and that they would be filled with love and compassion for these children. Finally, pray that somehow, in some way, God would be glorified in all of this and that the good plans He has for these children would not be thwarted.


Jill said...

As you know, Sarah (and me too) are grieving for these children and for their families. My prayer has been the same - that God would be glorified, somehow, some way.

Patti said...

I spent some time with Bogdan when I was there in November. What a sweetie! I will be praying that seeds that you planted will grow, and that God will still take care of him.

Jenny said...

Praying and hurting along side you.

Sabrina said...

Praying for children and hurting hearts who loved them.