Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Andrey's Song

Back when I was volunteering at the orphanage, one of my favourite things to do was sing to the kids. More than just singing to them, I loved to sing words of hope and truth over them. I had a sort of repertoire of songs that I would sing and as I sang my prayer would be that, despite the language barrier, they would understand the meaning of those words in the depths of their soul and that they would fill them with strength, hope and peace. For some of my kids I had a special song that belonged to them. Although I might sing that same song to the other kids as well, it had a special meaning for the child it belonged to, words that captured the truths I so desperately wanted them to know, and I sang it over them as often as I could. I never came up with just the right song for Andrey though… until I came home and ordered a copy of the new Matthew West CD. From the very first time I heard the song ‘To Me’ I couldn’t help but think of my cuddly teddy bear and I knew that I had found Andrey’s song. 

Today is Andrey’s birthday. Yes, my cuddly teddy bear turned five years old today… Oh how I had hoped that he would spend this day with his forever family (and I know they feel the same way) but in light of all that has happened, I am just so thankful that he is still there waiting for them and so thrilled to announce that Andrey will be meeting his new family in just a couple of weeks! I don’t know why Andrey was left behind when all the others were taken but I feel like this only goes to confirm what I have believed for quite some time now – God has great plans for Andrey and his adoption will be the catalyst for them all.

To my sweet, cuddly teddy bear:
Oh how I wish I could have been there today to sing these words over you (along with a round of “Happy Birthday” of course!). Nevertheless I am rejoicing today because very soon you will be home with your forever family where you will experience the truth of these words every single day.
Precious boy, I may never get a chance to sing this song over you in person but these words will forever be the prayer of my heart.
I just can’t wait to see God’s plans for you unfold… I believe it with all my heart, you are going to change the world!


Sarah said...

aww! Happy Birthday Andrey!

By the way, the video is private...

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful post! I am so glad you were there to love on that boy! I was unable to open the video, though (says it's private). I cannot wait to get him home and show him what love is all about and I am so sorry that we could not get there in time for his birthday!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Andrey! Beautiful video Andrea!

Stephanie said... saw the video and it literally made me bust out in tears...I can feel your love for him and what a perfect song for him. Thank you so much...I want to share the video!

patty said...

Beautiful video, Andrea! I'm so glad his family is on their way to him.

Unknown said...

Andrea! you have me in bits!!!! he is the MOST BEAUTIFUL child!! i love it...thankyou so so much for linking it in sharing sunday janexxxxxxxxxxx