Thursday, December 23, 2010

McJoyful - Day One in Pictures


Hayley said...

Aww Andrea that looks so AWESOME. I hope you enjoy the rest of the McJoyful season, be sure to give lots and lots of hugs for me! Praying for you guys!

Jenny said...

I'm Lovin' it! Thanks for sharing!!!!

hartelijk said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderfull pictures!
Both my husband and i are aching for so many orphans, but so gratefull for you there,loving them and spending so much of your time and energy,
really i thank God for you and send you lots of love so you have enough to share with te lucky ones tomorrow!
Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

The kids are beautiful and are so happy! It's all so worth it! Wish I was with you.
Love Lynda

Melissa said...

Now that I've been there I wanna know HOW they do it! When ever we went to McD's it was so PACKED. How do you get tables for all the kids?

andrea said...

McDonald's gives us "reserved" signs to reserve the section in between the two doors. If the next group was a little late we would place the signs on all the tables but you know Ukrainians, that didn't stop them from arguing, trying to push their way through, etc. It made for some good laughs :)