Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It's happened. My sweet five-year-old has reached the infamous "why" stage. It started about a month ago and ever since then it's a question I hear countless times a day. Most of the time it's the same rather pointless questions again and agaibut today it sparked something so cute, so impressive that I had to write it down because I never want to forget it.

Here is a glimpse of our conversation at the park this afternoon...

SAMUEL: "Why not raining?"
MAMA: "Because it's sunny today."
SAMUEL: "Why sunny?"
MAMA: "Because there's no clouds."
SAMUEL: "Why not cloudy, Mama?"
MAMA: "Because the sky's all blue."
SAMUEL: "Why the sky blue?"
MAMA: "Because God made it like that."


SAMUEL: "God in the airplane make the sky blue." (while waving his arm in a painting motion)

Ok, so we still have a ways to go as far as spiritual understanding goes but as for his understanding of abstract conceptualization (not to mention his use of language)... I think he's doing pretty good!


Stacey Nicole said...

This is so sweet! My three and a half year old is under the impression that Jesus made everything, from the holes in donuts to buildings to trees. He also thinks we go up in the sky with Jesus when we go on high bridges. I love how young minds work, and I do enjoy the inquisitive stage (mostly). :)

lizzielou said...

Andrea this is so cute. Maybe we can get the little guys together in the park? Would love to meet your sweet boy. xo