Friday, February 28, 2014


Given that February is now over, I figure it's about time I post about all of our December festivities... (in case you haven't noticed, my new blogging mantra is "better late than never"!) Truthfully, I feel a little ridiculous posting this so late but I've gotten quite a few requests for a blog update lately and December was such a fun month full of so many great firsts for Samuel, I don't ever want to forget it!

We kicked off the month by gathering at my mom's house with Samuel's aunt and uncle to decorate my mom's Christmas tree. This was definitely a first for Samuel and I'm pretty sure he was trying to figure out what the fuss was all about. Don't let the pictures fool you, I think he hung about two ornaments then lost interest and went back to his wild and crazy self :)

We call this one, "Capturing the CRAZY!" :)

Samuel wasn't too sure what to make of the tree decorating
but there are no questions about how he feels about his family...
any day spent with family is a good day in Samuel's books!

The next day my now experienced tree decorator got put to work again decorating our tree. I got this tree for free and when I read that it was 4 feet I thought it sounded perfect for our little apartment. What I didn't realize until I opened it was that there were actually two very skinny trees in the box, intended to be used as porch trees, whose small branches were not so conducive for hanging decorations... Oh well, everyone needs a first tree, right, and Samuel didn't know any different!

Ready to try his hand at this whole
tree decorating thing for a second time

We managed to get all our decorations on there and in the end I have to say,
I kind of loved our little Charlie Brown tree :)

It came as no surprise that Samuel's favourite Christmas activity was baking sugar cookies!

Nothing lights up my son's face like the opportunity to bake!

I told Samuel we would be giving cookies to all of our family members...
Quality control is very important to him :)

Samuel sat at the counter licking the bowl long after all the cookies
had come out of the oven and the rest of the kitchen/dishes and been cleaned
It was a two day event between the baking and the decorating however, while Samuel could bake for hours on end, the decorating only lasted about 5 minutes before he moved on to other things and I had to take over...

The finished project

Another exciting first that took place in December was Samuel's first time skating! Samuel's first time on the ice he wasn't too sure and spent most of it lying on the ice with me trying to convince him to stand up and hold onto the bar with me. I wasn't sure he would go back but he did and decided that it was great fun to have me push him around with the bar, chasing after our little neighbour friend. Two weeks ago however Samuel started trying to skate (i.e. he was actually moving his feet) and this week he took off on his own with the bar and even skated a bit without the bar! The picture below is of Samuel's first time on the ice but oh, how I wish I had a picture of the look on his face this past week, it was absolutely priceless! He just kept saying, "Samuel skate by himself!", "Mama not hold Samuel!". He was soooooo proud of himself and I am so proud of my brave little Canadian :)

Thanks to Natalie's wonderful suggestion on my Thanksgiving post, Samuel and I tried our hands at a Christmas craft that was just perfect for him - short and simple! It only lasted a few minutes but it made for some cute home made candy cane gift tags for his bags of cookies.

Speaking of candy canes, that was another first for Samuel in December... He liked :)

I already posted about our Christmas day celebration, but a couple of days later we left for Ontario where the celebration continued at Granddad and Noni's house.

My little chef is hard at work

"I think I like this whole Christmas thing!"

Poor Uncle, he painstakingly put this all together while Samuel
was asleep and Samuel had it demolished within 5 minutes...

It looks like he's having fun playing with it appropriately though, right?!

Samuel's favourite part of the weekend was without a doubt the hot tub. In fact, he still regularly plays hot tub at home - "Uncle, not too hot!" "Too many bubbles!!!"

Water baby!

I can think of no better way to sum up our weekend at Granddad's than with this photo...

Believe it or not, this picture was not posed...
The look on Samuel's face says it all - "Do you see how loved I am?!"
Finally, we closed out the year with a bit of a mini family reunion at my mom's house. It was Samuel's first time meeting some of these family members and yet it was as if had known them his whole life... Samuel has an innate way of knowing who his people are and it's beautiful to watch.

Four generations of boys!
I had to sneak this last picture in here even though it is actually from January first, it's such a huge milestone for my big boy I couldn't not include it... Samuel lost his first tooth! Yup, on the morning of January 1st at his Grandma's house. And just like that, my baby is not a baby anymore... In true Samuel fashion, Samuel did not react in the slightest and was left to wonder what his mama was so excited and making such a big deal about.

Well, there you have it. If you've made it this far than I trust that you have had your fill of cute Samuel pictures and that this will hold you over for a while :) Stay tuned though as we have some important dates coming up that I fully intend to commemorate here on this blog.


Jill said...

Thanks for the great update, Andrea! Love all the photos! It looks like Samuel has changed so much already. I can even see some very cute "chub" in his face. He's cuter than ever! :-)

Laurie MacDonald said...

I love checking in on your family. Happy 2014!