Sunday, October 6, 2013

Exceedingly, Abundantly Blessed

I received an e-mail from my adoption agency last week, just checking in on me as bringing home a child is quite a change to adjust to and she wanted to make sure I have all the support I need. The answer is a big, resounding yes. I may be a single mom but I am not doing this alone. Yes, my God is with me and He is more than enough but He has also given me an army of people who love my son and are standing with us. My mom is my #1 support and I have no words to express how amazing she has been. Samuel loves her more than anything or anyone (except his mama!) and I can't imagine how we would have done this without her. Samuel also has his granddad and noni, great-grandparents and godparents who adore him and would do anything for him. Then there's our incredible next door neighbour who never ceases to amaze me with her kindness. And of course there's also my "blog world" friends, most of whom I've never even met, who pray so faithfully and send timely e-mails of encouragement along with gift cards in the mail (thank you E!).. But that's not all! Here's what the last four days have looked like:

Samuel has decided that he loves having new adults to play with as long as it is in one of his two safety zones - at home or outside. Because of this, this week we were able to have some visitors other than immediate family. On Thursday I took Samuel to the park beside my workplace to meet my team mates. These wonderful women have been with me every step along this journey. Through the long periods of waiting and the exciting e-mails with new pictures, a travel date, etc. which I would most often receive during my lunch hour. Their overwhelming love and support has earned them the well-deserved title of Samuel's "work aunties" and I couldn't wait for them to meet him. I was so honoured that they all made it on Thursday, despite crazy, unpredictable work schedules. Samuel did so well and one of his work aunties had him laughing even though he was surrounded by six people he had never met before - a sure sign that he loved them as much as they love him (well, almost...).

On Friday, Samuel's great aunt and uncle from the US were passing through and stopped by to meet their first great-nephew. They came bearing food, winter clothes and trucks (or course!) and spent over an hour playing with and doting on Samuel, making this mama's heart swell. I know how hard it is for so many adoptive parents whose families are not supportive and I have been so blessed to see how Samuel has been welcomed into our extended family with open arms!

Saturday, two friends from work drove an hour each way to meet Samuel and spend some time hanging out with us. I wasn't sure how it would go but Samuel was just basking in the extra attention and they were incredible, letting Samuel boss them around, putting up with his children's music (which is on pretty much all day!), taking care of dinner, dishes, etc.

Finally, this morning Samuel and I were driving to a park we like to go to for walks. I realized that we were going to be right down the street from my mother's church and that it was almost time for their service. As I listened to my son singing along to worship music in the back seat of the car I spur of the moment decided, "forget the park, we're going to church!". The love and support we found there was truly overwhelming. No one stared at my son splashing in the water fountain (what can I say, the boy loves water!), no one commented on the fact that my son is too big for a stroller... Instead, countless people I've never even met (along with many others I do know) spotted Samuel from across the room and came over to tell me that they've been praying for him. We only lasted for half of the worship before Samuel was done and ready to leave but it was the first time in 7 weeks that I was able to join in corporate worship, the first time ever with my son in my arms, and it was beautiful.

We ended the weekend by having dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's home where my sister-in-law had made spaghetti and watermelon smoothies just for Samuel (does she know her nephew or what?!)... My son is so loved by so many. This is just the last four days! There are still many other people/stories I didn't get a chance to mention... Samuel is doing amazing (the big Samuel update is coming, I promise!). I absolutely love being his mom and although I find it challenging and at times exhausting to try to meet Samuel's ever-changing needs and demands, these past four days have given me what I need to head into another week. Yes indeed, we are exceedingly, abundantly blessed...

Because I know that you're all dying for new pictures, here is Samuel in the adorable new outfits he's gotten over the past few days... thank you Uncle Robert, Auntie Kathy and Auntie Lynn!!!

The rest of this adorable outfit is underneath the
sweatshirt but seriously, that touque is deadly cute!!!

Of course, this is a good look too... :)
LOVE this jacket which came just in time...
it was cold out today!
The angle on this picture is weird but
these skinny jeans are super cute!!!

Samuel's actually quite a clothes lover but,
I think the truck wins!


For Her Redemption said...

He is so handsome. I just love reading your daily updates!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to know that prayers are being answered & you & Samuel are settling in with each other. His little face is just glowing,there has been such a noticeable wonderful difference in him in just a couple of weeks!Andrea, I am so thrilled that you have your families love & support! You both need it & Samuel no doubt is a Gift to their lives. Your mom sounds so loving & fun for Samuel. You are doing an Awesome job! Take Care, Linda H.