Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day Twelve

What a roller coaster ride... Allow me to recap for you. On Friday we were told that Samuel's passports were guaranteed for Tuesday but there were no flights available. On Monday morning we got confirmed tickets for Wednesday's flight however on Monday afternoon we were told that Samuel's Canadian passport might not be ready on time. By Monday night we had lost our flights as we were not able to issue the tickets on time. This morning, we got Samuel's Canadian passport no problem but they lost his Vietnamese passport and it took them an hour and a half to find it. Now it's 11:30 at night and we just received our e-tickets by email with less than 12 hours until the flight leaves. Wow. Only you God...

In other their news, my boy did such a good job waiting this morning but after an hour he was done and we were starting to get dirty looks from the man behind the counter (sorry - that's what happens when you make a child wait for over an hour and a half!). This afternoon we went for another electric bus ride and then out for what will hopefully be our last meal in Hanoi...

Samuel was really engaged during the ride this time and
lasted a whole 20 minutes before falling asleep :)

Hmm... is something a little backwards here???

One last spaghetti dinner - he finished an entire plate!
Does anyone have a good recipe for spaghetti pomodoro?!?!

Samuel said three new English words today - Monkey (thank you Barrel of Monkeys!), Hot (thank you instant noodles... don't judge, we're living in a hotel room!) and Baby (poor boy, I call him "baby" just about as often as I call him Samuel... Samuel, baby, monkey, silly billy, funny bunny - poor kid probably can't figure out how many names he has!).

I have yet another prayer request... Samuel had a huge meltdown on our way home from dinner tonight. I thought it was because I took his hat away after he repeatedly threw it on the ground and that may have been what started it but it was definitely more than that. He screamed and sobbed all the way back to the hotel and continued to be inconsolable for another 20 minutes after that. Samuel has some sort of sore on his thigh/bum that he's had since I got him that I have been treating but it hasn't really improved. Up until now it didn't seem to be bothering him much but he was definitely grabbing it it tonight and I think that was part of what had him so upset. I think I'm going to have to have it looked at once we get home but in the meantime please pray that it would not cause any pain or complications during our long trip tomorrow. Still, there was more to his meltdown than just that and it's times like these that I wish my sweet boy could tell me what he's feeling... Please pray for his little heart tomorrow as he faces yet a whole new set of changes and please continue to pray that God would help me to know how to respond to my son's needs both during our trip and once we arrive home.

Thanks for standing with us this far - we're almost there!


Isaac said...

Oh my...only God! Praying you home on your "short" flight. Praying for healing too for Samuel. I know it will seem like an eternity, but after you are home, it will all fade away. Kinda like labor pains. :-)


Ruthann said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, as you head for home and a big change for Samuel.