Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day Three

Today was a bit of a harder day for my little man... Unfortunately our planned trip to the zoo had to be cancelled as it was pouring outside so we went to the mall instead. Not exactly ideal and far from mommy's favourite activity but what can you do? They had an arcade at the mall and Samuel tried what was most likely his first ride. I think he liked it more than the photo lets on...

There was a children's play area and Samuel enjoyed climbing and sliding for a bit and loved the trampoline until mommy got kicked off for being too big :) Mostly though the poor little guy was just overwhelmed. We did however stop for ice cream and Samuel thuroughly enjoyed mommy's strawberry smoothie. Samuel's highlight however was simply holding mommy's hand and running around inside the mall - I don't think my sweet boy has ever had that much space to run before!

They're calling for rain for pretty much the rest of our time here which is not great news... Samuel does really well when it's just mommy and grandma but gets really overwhelmed in crowds of people. At the same time, he gets really restless after 3 or so straight hours in our hotel room. We need to find some things to do with him and this would be so much easier if we could be outside so please pray for good weather.

We had a good end to the day today though with a delicious dinner (Samuel had spaghetti pomodoro and lemon chicken, opting out of the rice) and a walk around the lake where Samuel was once again skipping and humming a little tune.

Some Random Tidbits About Samuel:

- One of Samuel's favourite things is his water bottle... Sweet boy is loving being able to have water whenever he wants!

- My son has the best dimples! They're at the very top of his cheeks, almost reaching his eyes, and when he really smiles big he has like three dimples on each side! Makes this mama just want to eat him up...

- My son also has really wide feet! I brought three different sized shoes with me, none of which were too short yet none of which fit. We were able to find a cheap pair here but it looks like shoe shopping is going to be a challenge.

- Samuel is a typical male, scratching in the morning, wiping his hands on his shirt... all except one thing - my meticulous son absolutely has to put the toilet seat down when he's finished. All you mothers, wives and sisters be jealous!

- Samuel loves his stroller. Other than momm's arms, it is his safe space when we are out and about. This is great as, as much as mommy loves holding him, he is a big boy and I simply cannot carry him too far.

- Samuel is a great eater! He will try anything and so far there has been very little he hasn't liked. Samuel is very good at letting us know what he wants and his favourite always seems to be whatever is on mommy's plate :)

- When he's overwhelmed Samuel goes completely silent but when he's feeling comfortable we get to hear his sweet little voice. We know for sure that Samuel is happy when we hear him chatting away to himself, most of which I'm pretty sure is not in Vietnamese, or singing a little song. I could just sit and listen to him all day.

- Samuel and I are sharing what appears to be a king sized bed (seriously,it's huge!). Nevertheless, in the middle of the night last night I ended up with my son's feet in my face and his arm wrapped around my legs. My little guy is enjoying his newfound freedom, even in bed, and his mamma can't help but smile and soak in every minute.


patty said...

Another wonderful post, Andrea! I just love seeing the two of you together. Praying for better weather!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Congrats on your new little son!He is gorgeous! I have been praying for a smooth & loving transition for both of you. I am a grandma of 4 littles, 2 of whom had/have wide feet.(think almost square!Lol) We found that Stride Rite brand had the best fit. They offer wide widths.There are many USA websites that carry them, including,you should be able to find the brand on sale. Hopefully they deliver to Canada. I hope this helps. God Bless you guys. Linda

summer said...

I have the chills all over!!!!!!! So happy for you both!!!!