Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day Ten

The rain held off long enough today for us to go to the circus where they have a special children's performance on Sunday morning - Samuel loved it! It was much better suited for Samuel than the water puppet theatre as the audience was full of children and Samuel did not have to sit still or stay quiet. There were dogs, snakes, bears, monkeys and elephants. Samuel especially enjoyed the acrobatics but his favourite was definitely the clowns who had him laughing out loud several times which is quite a feat when we are out in public. Mama also enjoyed the clowns and acrobatics but my favourite part was watching the smiles that lit up my sweet boy's face.

By special request... A picture of Grandma and Samuel :)

We brought a helium balloon home from the circus which provided an afternoon of fun (thank goodness as it started storming shortly after we got back to the hotel!). This is what 10 days stuck in a hotel room looks like...

We have two seats confirmed for the Wednesday flight and are just waiting for one more... please keep praying. Hopefully next time you hear from me we will officially only have one day left!


Bubbis said...

It will happen, it will happen...that's how it went for us! That laugh just brightened my day! :-) Jess

Joanna @ Asking with Faith said...

LOVE following your journey Andrea! Samuel is just precious and you are a great mommy (I knew you would be!). Praying you can get that last flight out and be home SOON! xxx