Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day Six

I am happy to report that my boy was back to his sweet self today. It rained all day today but we didn't let that keep us from having a great day. Today we ventured out to find Vincom Mega Mall which is essentially Vietnam's version of West Edmonton Mall. With an indoor skating rink and water park, bowling, a children's play area, etc. I figured if nothing else there'd be plenty for Samuel to look at from the safety of his stroller.

Posing with our friends from Madagascar... LOL

Of course every outing has to include a yummy drink!
As it turns out, Samuel loved the children's pay area which consisted of an arcade, play structure, rides and more. It was a quiet day with very few people which made it perfect for my boy to explore without becoming overwhlemed by too many people. We were in there for over two hours making it a $13 very well spent. Grandma stayed outside and mommy struggled with being the supervisor, playmate and photographer all at the same time but I did manage to get some good shots so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking...

He tollerated the ball pit but just barely

Climbing up...

Sliding down...

Riding the car down a little track/ramp

He knew exactly what to do and proved to be a very good climber.

Of course my son loved the car :)

Samuel's first sand experience...
we spent nearly 25 minutes in here.
His first arcade game...
he wan't too sure at first but got into it after a couple of minutes.

My son, who normally shows no interest in balls, loved all these games
where you had to throw balls into various types of holes.

On the merry-go-round

Riding the bumper cars...
(I rode with him, this picture was taken after the ride was over)

Don't let the lack of smile fool you, Samuel loved this ride
and rode it over and over again. Each time it was finished I
would go over and ask him, "All done?" to which he would
shake his head no. When I asked if he wanted more,
he would give me an emphatic head nod for yes. 

This fishing game, similar to what you might find at a carnival, was one of  Samuel's favourite
parts of the whole day and every time he caught one and threw it back he was litterally
laughing out loud - something we very rarely hear outside of our hotel room!

Samuel did show interest in the water park, which you could see from inside the play area, and nodded yes when I asked him if he wanted to go so we may have to go back and give it a try later this week. While I'm still praying for better weather, it's good to know we don't have to be stuck in the hotel if it rains.


lizzielou said...

He is just so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that mall looks AMAZING...and Samuel does too! (i wish it had existed when we were there...Nathaniel would have loved it! Hope you get some better weather. Samuel + you = perfect! Jess :-)