Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day Nine

The rain let up this afternoon. Not in time for a real outing but we were ale to take a walk around the lake and I'm hoping this means that it might not be raining tomorrow.

Not much to share today except for a prayer request... We still haven't heard about whether we'll be able to get a flight out early or not. The reality is that the thought of being here for another full week is quite unbearable. My sweet boy is restless and bored stuck in the hotel room and is pushing every boundary which has resulted in me spending half the day saying no which is no fun for either of us. While better weather would be nice, Samuel is becoming more and more overwhelmed each day by the chaos that is Hanoi and I now have to carry him everywhere we go as he refuses to walk. I could not be more thankful that my precious son feels safe in my arms but I'm not sure my body can survive another week of this. Add to all of that well meaning hotel staff who love Samuel yet are beginning to unintentionally undermine my attachment with him, resulting in Samuel having a melt down this afternoon for the first time since the day I got him... All that to say, I am so ready to go home and I think Samuel is too. I know God has got this all under control so please pray that if it is His plan for us to stay here another week that we would be able to submit willfully to that and that He would give us all we need to make it through. Otherwise, please pray that He would open up the way for us to leave early. Thank you so much for standing with us in this. Three days may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but from where we're standing right now, it might as well be three weeks.


patty said...

Hey Andrea,
I just put the word out on the RR Official Fb page that you all could use some extra prayers for getting home. We are thinking of you and praying that you, Samuel and your mom can get home soon.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading everyday! Love you and praying for a flight. Love, Jenny

Ruthann said...

I know exactly where you are at. I will pray for you all.

lizzielou said...

Praying and sending you love and encouragement!