Friday, September 6, 2013

Day Eight

The Great News: My son pooped this morning!!! His mama just about threw a party... :) Your continued prayers in this area would be greatly appreciated.

The Good News: We got word today that we will be receiving Samuel's Vietnamese and Canadian passports on Tuesday morning, at which time we are free to leave the country.

The Bad News: At this point, it looks like there are no available seats on any of the earlier flights out and it looks like we may have to stay here until Saturday anyway.

The Mundane News: It rained again today. We spent most of the day playing at the hotel with a brief outing to the Water Puppet Theatre which is a big tourist attraction within a ten minute walk from our hotel. Little boys are clearly not made to be constrained in theatre seats and Samuel had a hard time sitting still but seemed to enjoy it. Mama mostly saw the back of Samuel's head but the music was good and it was nice to take in some of the culture as opposed to our Mega Mall experience.

Well, that's about it for today. It's been one week since I became a mother... I thought I'd have some more profound revelation to share but the reality it is it all just feels so natural, normal and right. He's my son and I'm his mom and although I grieve the years that we lost, at the same time it feels like he has always been mine. I fall more in love with him every day and just can't wait to get him home so we can begin our new life together.


patty said...

Congratulations on all of the above. You will be surprised regarding "The Great New" as to how much this concern becomes part of your life. ;) Praying for some sunny weather for you.

Anonymous said...

Andrea...don't give up on getting on a flight...bug them EVERY DAY, TWICE A DAY! That's what we did and we eventually got on a flight several days earlier. Make sure you make yourself known LOL...who knows maybe they'll book you in first class just to get you off their case! :-). Jess