Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Good Day

Given my son's love of predictability, it seems only fitting that we have been consistently having one bad day, followed by one good day, followed by one bad day, etc. Yesterday was rough but today was a good day. The day started at 8 a.m. with Samuel pulling on my hand (we hold hands while we sleep, it gives him the security he needs to know I'm not going anywhere) to wake me up. He was laughing and in good spirits and ready to get up out of bed after 12 hours sleep. This was a great sign already as lately Samuel has been sleeping 15 hours a night and I have to literally drag him out of bed at 10:00.

We had breakfast, got dressed and then did some laundry. Samuel loves to help with anything and everything and already has many chores which he does with great pride - putting our clothes in the hamper, putting the clothes and soap in the washer and transferring the wet clothes to the dryer or carrying them to the drying rack, setting the table, pushing the chairs in after we eat, rinsing the dishes and putting them in the drying rack after I wash them, putting whatever I ask him to into the garbage can, carrying the full garbage bag to the garbage chute and throwing it in... the list goes on and on. Yep, I'm pretty much the luckiest mother in the world and don't worry, I know it!

What little boy doesn't love the washing machine?!

We headed to the park before the rain came and Samuel actually played and laughed a bit which was huge. (Samuel hasn't really gotten into the whole park thing yet and yesterday he refused to even get out of his stroller!) Samuel ate half an apple and half a bagel for lunch and then Nana and Poppy came for a visit during which time he led me to the kitchen for a snack which is the first time he has ever asked me for food! Samuel fell asleep in my arms shortly after they left and woke up when I tried to lie down with him but instead of resulting in a fit this resulted in a really sweet cuddling time which ended with Samuel giggling like crazy and giving Mommy a self-initiated kiss for the very first time.

We played with blocks together for over an hour and my son built the coolest city ever made out of wooden blocks! It was a team effort only in the sense that I was the one handing him the blocks, he came up with design and placed the blocks all by himself... Am I just biased or is my son quite possibly a genius?!?!

The day ended with my son eating his first real meal in a week - spaghetti of course! When I saw how he was going at it I wasn't sure I had made enough so I decided to wait before eating all of mine. My son however decided to take over grandma's role given that she wasn't around and made sure that mama had a bite of hers each time that he had a bite of his... (thanks mom!). I even got Samuel to say "more" when asking for a piece of bread, which is the first time he has used any verbal communication since coming home.

Guess what mom?! I'm feeling better!!!
Seriously though, can you knock it off with the camera already???
I'm trying to enjoy my pasta here!

We had several "battle of the wills" today when Samuel wouldn't sit at the table to drink his juice, refused to walk to the end of the parking lot (this is our deal before I put him in his stroller), didn't want to put his toys away, etc. yet each time we were able to find a compromise without me giving in and he did not have a single tantrum/fit all day. Samuel was just soaking up all my affection and praise today and I feel like he is starting to understand just a little bit of how much I love him. I'm certainly not naive enough to think that it'll be all smooth sailing from here or even that the worst is over but I am thanking God for this good day which is sure to help both of us keep going, regardless of what tomorrow brings.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read that you & Samuel had a much better day! I think your doing a great job of tuning into your son's wants & needs while setting healthy limits. Based on what you just wrote he seems to be beginning to trust that you won't leave him & it's okay to relax a bit. You guys did a great job on the block city!Maybe he is a genius! Perhaps next time you can add a few matchbox/hot wheels cars, he might enjoy that, too.I will keep praying for both of you. Hoping tomorrow is even better. Linda H.

lizzielou said...

He is just so cute and you are such a good Mom! continued prayers xox