Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I met him... and now you can too!!!

Well, today was the day I finally got to meet my son!!! We got to the orphanage a little after 9:00 and after meeting with the director for a bit we went down to his room and they brought him outside to meet us.

Poor little guy was a little overwhelmed - all these people crowded around him, his caregivers pushing him towards this strange lady he's only seen in pictures who they keep telling him is his mom who is going to take him to Canada but of course he has no idea what that means..

According to my facilitator, this is the best orphanage she has worked with in Vietnam as far as care of the kids goes. Although the culture is certainly different, it is clear that the staff really love Samuel and he appears to have a positive attachment to them as well. Although this is going to make it that much harder for him to leave, it will ultimately be a good thing as he learns to trust and attach to me as well.

Here are some things I learned about my son today...

- I better get my running shoes ready because he is busy! He is constantly on the move running, jumping, climbing and rolling on the ground.

- He is all limbs and super bouncy, just like his uncle,
and a little clumbsy, just like his mom :)

- He hates all kinds of fish and loves eggs (also just like his mom!).

- He is a builder! He loves playing with blocks and is really good
at figuring out how to put them together.

- He loves cars and is especially fond of blocks that can be built into cars.

- He is the big man on campus and the caregivers' number one helper. He stacks chairs, moves tables and brings them whatever they ask for. He is very eager to please his caregivers and seems to thrive on all the little jobs they give him.

- Although he is busy, he has a very good attention span when you find something that interests him and in those moments he can be very calm and focused.

- He communicates well by pointing, nodding and shaking his head and
the occasional Vietnamese word which, according to my facilitator,
is incomprehendable to everyone but his day-to-day caregivers.

- He has a sweet spirit and a heart of compassion and he looks out for another little girl in his group with more significant special needs.

- He rarely makes eye contact but when he does,
those gorgeous big brown eyes pierce stright through my soul.

Samuel wanted little to do with me this morning but I was able to catch a glimpse of his smile by giving him a ride in the toy basket :)

We went back in the afternoon and although his initial reaction seemed to be something along the lines of, "oh no, not her again..." I pulled out my bubbles and was able to spend some good one-on-one time with him.
Bubbles - they work every time! 

I continued to work on engaging him for the rest of the afternoon and then, guess whose "non-verbal" child said his first English word?!?! The word? More.
What on earth got him to say it? Being swung in a laundry basket of course!

(Note to self - buy a laundry basket... On second thought...
Note to self - DON'T buy a laundry basket; it might kill you!) 

Picture of the day :)
But don't get the wrong idea... little man did not want me holding him
but decided that he was not opposed to being thrown in the air!
After today I would have to say that Samuel's not too sure about me (although he is warming up little by little) but I don't have a single doubt about him. He's perfect and I so look forward to getting to know him more and more and learning how to be the mother he needs me to be.

We will continue to visit him at the orphanage twice a day, about 2 hours each in the morning and afternoon, until the adoption ceremony which could be on Thursday, Friday or next week. I've been having some technical difficulties over here but will do my best to continue blogging regularly at least until I get him and then...
did I mention that he's busy???

Thank you so much for prayers.
Please continue to pray that God would soften Samuel's heart towards me and prepare him for the day he has to say goodbye to all that he knows.

You can also pray for the two sweetest little girls who I will call Hannah and Chantal... Hannah is diagnosed with autism and is an absolute love bug who wanted nothing more than to be in my arms all day. Chantal appears to have Cerebral Palsy and is just bursting wqith potential that will never be realized as long as she is living in an institution. One of the caregivers today suggested I take both Samuel and Hannah. I would take all three if I could but I can't.
That won't stop me however for begging God for the right family for each of them... if you think it might be you, let's talk :)


patty said...

Thank you for sharing these photos and all the details of your first day meeting Samuel. I am so thrilled for you, Andrea. I hope some day that you will come visit us with Samuel. I can't wait to see more of our adoption journey.

Sarah said...

He's BEAUTIFUL Andrea! So happy for you!!!

lizzielou said...

WOW! What a blessing for him and for you to be able to spend time in his home before being with him one on one. Many prayers for you both and much love from Canada

Anonymous said...

He's absolutely adorable !!
We can't wait to meet him in person.
You look so happy Andrea-and that's only Day 1 !!
Jo Ann and Dad

Anonymous said...

Andrea - we are in love - Hurry Home - Love, Hugs, Prayers - Grandma & Grandpa

Unknown said...

It won't be long until you are his favorite person in the whole world. I hope his country opens to American's again soon.

Catalina said...

My Lord, I cannot imagine how hard and confusing and scary it must be for him! But I know that everything will work out, and love and Love will intertwine your hearts. Will be praying for your son and you, for peace and obstacles being moved aside. May he come home as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

What a magical day :) you look like one proud momma! So very happy reading the updates and the pictures are beautiful! ❤Cecilia

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

So happy for you and your son! Thank you for sharing. He is absolutely beautiful. Orphan no more, a loved, treasured, and wanted son. Rejoicing with you.


BiblioPlan said...

REJOICING WITH YOU!! YOU HAVE A SON!! OH I AM SO SO VERY HAPPY AND HE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Praise God. Give him a little kiss on his head from me. I am so happy for you. Julia