Thursday, April 4, 2013


For over two years Heath’s picture has sat at the top of my blog. For over two years this little boy has waited for a family who would have the courage to say “yes” and rescue him from life in a mental institution, a life that was really no life at all. Well, last week this precious lost boy was found. After too many years of waiting, he finally has a family that loves him and is working hard to bring him home.

Now what? Whose picture should replace Heath’s at the top of my blog? Things have changed a lot over the past two years. There is no longer one child with a truly heartbreaking story. No longer one child that seems to be more desperately in need of a family than all the others. Every day my heart is broken as I read about another child who has been transferred to a mental institution, another child literally wasting away, confined to a crib day after day, another child who is about to age out and lose all hope of finding a family of their own. How could I pick just one? In the end, the answer was simple. Out of all the precious children on Reece’sRainbow, there is one who I have held in my arms… Two years ago when Health’s face first appeared on my blog, most of “my angels” weren’t even listed on Reece’s Rainbow. Today, all of my angels who are available for adoption are either home with their families or have families who are working hard to get them there. All except Igor. Igor, my heart. I will never stop yelling and praying for a family for this little boy. If I qualified, I would be on the next plane to bring him home myself but I can’t. So his sweet face will sit at the top of my blog and I will continue to pray that God who makes possible the impossible, God who brought forth a family for Yulia, Tori, Brady and Heath, would raise up the perfect family for this perfect little boy. Would you join me in that prayer???

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