Sunday, December 30, 2012

Prayer request...

I have been such a horrible blogger lately (if about a year is still considered 'lately'!), I don't have any right to ask anything of you but I could really use your prayers... I have my first homestudy appointment tomorrow. I know, I know, where did that come from?! I want to share the whole story but for now, I only have time to ask you to pray. As a single, 28-year-old Christian looking to adopt a child with special needs I know I have an uphill battle to climb. I would so appreciate it if you could pray that God would give me favour with my homestudy worker, that He would help me to share my heart, my intentions and my motivations well and that He would move every mountain that stands between me and the child He has for me. So glad that this is all in His hands!

I do hope to be able to share more soon. In the meantime, to show you how much I appreciate your prayers, here's a little hint:

My fridge... look closely