Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nachtmann Family

After much delay, I am finally able to introduce you to the Nachtmann family...

Amanda and Chet are the proud soon-to-be parents of "our" Victoria. Amanda is a professional braillist at a local elementary school and you don't have to look very far on her blog to see that she is a huge advocate that blind children can do anything that anyone else can do (including gymnastics!) – what a perfect family for our very “able” little girl!

Amanda fell in love with Victoria many months before they finally took that leap of faith and committed to her adoption, trusting that God would provide all they need. Amanda and Chet do not have a lot but they are working hard and giving everything they have to bring their little girl home. The Nachtmann’s are currently holding a Nook Tablet giveaway on their blog however it’s not going very well. Would you consider sowing seeds into their adoption and help to rescue Victoria from a future in a mental institution, void of hope or opportunities? You can do so by donating through the chip-in on their blog or through their family sponsorship page on Reece’s Rainbow. Even if you cannot donate at this time, please hop over to their blog here and leave them some encouragement. They’re at the beginning of a long journey and they need to know that they are not alone.

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