Friday, December 2, 2011

Find My Family Friday - Andrey

Unfortunately, I have nothing new to report about Andrey (you can read more about Andrey in my previous posts here, here, here and here).

Andrey has nothing new to report either.

Day after day it’s the same… confined to a walker because the orphanage does not have enough staff to keep him safe if he were to roam around freely. Instead he spends his days chewing on toys, his hands and whatever else he can find to pass the time and ease his boredom. No opportunity to learn and develop and become all that he could be. No mama to kiss those scrumptious cheeks of his, no papa with safe, strong arms to protect him as he runs and plays. Instead he just waits. Waits for the day when someone will see his picture and say, “That’s my son!” and will cross the oceans to whisk him away to a life much greater than he could ever dream.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated to Andrey’s grant fund. In the past month Andrey’s grant has grown more than in all six months before it combined! Still, he has a long way to go. If you have a few dollars to spare this week, every little bit truly does add up. If not, will you help me spread Andrey’s picture and story? You never know, the family who sees his picture and says, “That’s our son!” just might be someone you know, or the friend of someone you know, etc. Finally, the simplest yet greatest thing we all can do is continue to keep Andrey in our prayers and ask that God would bring his family forward quickly. For more information or to donate, click here.

Andrey is listed as “Aiden” on Reece’s Rainbow;
in order to protect his identity, when sharing about him on your own blogs, facebook pages, etc. please use his Reece’s Rainbow name

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