Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An answer to prayer...

I want to introduce you to Chris and Julie Faulkner, God’s answer to the prayers of so many…

You see, Chris and Julie (along with their three beautiful girls) will soon be Denis’ new family!

Chris and Julie have been involved in orphan care in Mexico for the past six years or so which has served to burden their hearts for the orphan (don’t you love how God has been preparing the hearts of Denis’ family since before he was even born?!). A missionary friend of theirs from Mexico sent them a link to Reece’s Rainbow back in October and Julie spent the evening pouring through the profiles of waiting children. Denis was just one of over a hundred profiles that she looked at but she kept coming back to him. They started praying and contacted Reece’s Rainbow for more pictures. When Julie saw me in one of the pictures she prayed that she would be able to find me and when she did, she considered it to be answer to prayer.

As you all know, when it comes to Denis, time is of the essence. God has made it clear, there is no time to waste. Last week we finally got to see new pictures of Denis. As good as it was to see him though, I couldn’t help but cry when I saw one picture in particular… I cannot show that picture but I will say that Denis' hands were being restrained and tied to his body with a bedsheet, similar to this:

One look and my heart cried out in brokenness, “My baby’s in a straightjacket!”. I know why they use them (to protect the kids from scratching themselves, etc.). I have seen several kids in that orphanage in “straightjackets” while simultaneously being loved on by their workers. I know that they use them with the best intentions and that it is not cruel and malicious as it may seem in a simple photograph but still, to see my baby restrained in that way… I could not take it. This is why we are fighting to get this boy home with his family as soon as possible.

The Faulkner’s are hoping to submit their dossier once Denis’ country reopens in January or February and are praying to have him home before the summer. As you all know, that is going to take a lot of money; roughly $25,000 to be more precise. So many of you have been praying for a family for this little angel and now that he has one, you have one more opportunity to be a part of his story. Every day and every dollar counts for Denis. You can donate to Denis’ family’s grant by clicking here. If/when you do you can also be entered into Jane’s Christmas artwork giveaway over at Flight Platform Living so when you donate, please click on over here and let Jane know. Finally, please hop over to Chris and Julie’s blog, introduce yourself and follow along as they work to bring their son home. I know that they have been so encouraged by the army of people who have been praying for their little boy and would love to “meet” you! Last but most definitely not least, I cannot end this post without asking you to continue to keep “my” little angel boy in your prayers, that God would hold him close and give his family all they need to get to him soon.

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