Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Three Musketeers - One Year Later

 One year ago today I was invited to help out in a new group at the baby orphanage where I met three adorable little boys with Down syndrome who I would later nickname “The Three Musketeers”. At this time last year, Artem, Andrey and Aloysha spent their days in a crowded 5x5 playpen with 3-4 other toddlers, rarely given the opportunity to go outside, never allowed to simply play freely on the floor. At that time, only one of these boys had a family committed to him. Today, two of the boys are home with their forever families and the other has a family on the way.

Artem last year
Artem today

Artem & his forever family

Andrey last year
Andrey today

Andrey & his soon-to-be forever family

Aloysha (now Lucas) last year 
Lucas (formerly Aloysha) today

Lucas & his forever family

Three precious orphaned boys, now orphans no longer… Oh how great God is!!!

To read more about Artem go to:
To see more pictures and video of Lucas/Aloysha go to:
To follow Andrey’s family’s journey to bring him home go to:

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nicole said...

These are the faces of adoption and pure much potential and proofs of gods love..I wish each orphan has a family and love..