Saturday, November 19, 2011

Liza's Family

About a month ago I happily announced that Liza had found a family! I promised to introduce you to them soon but as you may have noticed… that hasn’t happened. Well, Liza’s adoption story hasn’t exactly had a “normal” beginning. A few days after Liza’s original family committed to adopting her through Reece’s Rainbow, they learned that another family was also actively pursuing her adoption outside of Reece’s Rainbow. After much prayer and discussion on both sides, the original family made the completely selfless decision to bow out and allow the other family to adopt Liza. The story of how God was at work in all of it is incredible but I could never do it justice. Liza’s new family blogged about it here and I strongly encourage you to go read it for yourselves. It’s long but it’s beautiful and powerful and definitely worth your time.

Anyway, moving on… I am thrilled to finally be able to introduce you to Liza’s soon-to-be forever family:

Rick, Michelle and their six children aged 12-18.

Ever since she was a young girl, Michelle has had it on her heart to adopt from the former Soviet Union, a dream that remained 30 years later even after 19 years of marriage and 6 biological children. Whenever Rick and Michelle would discuss adoption it was always something they would do “someday”, once their biological children were grown. All that changed this past June however when Michelle stumbled across the “available to large families” link on the Reece’s Rainbow website. It was there that she and her entire family fell in love with the first of two beautiful little girls who will soon become their daughters. While looking for more information on “Girl no. 1” Michelle came across a picture of Liza and her smile immediately caught her attention (no surprise there!). Here is where things get really fun… Not long after seeing Liza’s picture on the Ukrainian website, Michelle “randomly” stumbled across my blog and lo and behold she saw a picture on my sidebar of the little girl who had captured their hearts.

Is God amazing or what?!

Michelle and I began e-mailing back and forth and as they fell more and more in love with Liza, I fell more in love with them as the perfect family for “my” girl. There was just one problem, they were facing an upcoming move to a different state and could not begin the adoption process until they were settled in their new home. For that reason, they could not officially commit to Liza and her picture remained on the “waiting children” section of Reece’s Rainbow. When I heard that another family was committing to Liza I had mixed emotions… Of course I was thrilled that my girl “officially” had a family and it was obvious that they were a wonderful family who loved her very much but deep down I was also a little bit sad because I had really thought that Rick and Michelle were “the ones” for her. Well, as it turns out… they are!!! The other family is searching and praying about the daughter God has for them and Rick and Michelle are actively pursuing the adoption of Liza and “Girl no. 1” (who they will be naming Olivia).

As for Liza, they will be naming her Aliza which means “Joyful One”… I cried when they first told me that.
“My” Liza Joy; could there be any more perfect name for her?

So there you have it, the long awaited story and introduction of Liza’s family. As I mentioned, they are in the process of moving states. They hope to schedule their homestudy for January and then move full steam ahead towards bringing their girls home, hopefully before Liza’s birthday in June. In the meantime, they are working on gathering the documents they need which, as those of you who have been down the adoption road know, add up pretty quickly. Because they are not adopting through Reece’s Rainbow, Rick and Michelle do not have a tax-deductable grant for the girls however you can donate via the ChipIn on the side of their blog (if you donate before the 24th you’ll also be entered for a chance to win a copy of the book “Adopt Without Debt” – click here for more info). Because they are not adopting through Reece’s Rainbow, it’s possible they won’t receive the same kind of publicity and support that Reece’s Rainbow families often receive. But I know the generosity and hospitality of the adoption community and I believe that it will be extend to any adoptive family, regardless of which facilitators they use. Adopting two different girls from two different regions is costly (roughly $40,000) and they can use all the support they can get. Both girls are facing imminent transfer (if you forget what that could mean for Liza, click here) and having as much of the finances as possible in place heading into their homestudy will help to move the process along quickly. Let’s show this family some love and support and welcome them into the adoption community with open arms. Click on over to their blog here, leave them a comment, become a follower and donate whatever you can to their adoption fund to help them bring their girls home. Finally, please keep Rick, Michelle and their entire family in your prayers as they move across the country and do everything they can to get to their daughters before they are transferred.


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

isnt it wondrous!and now francine has become mixed into the plan we couldn't see till now! xxxx

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Their story is amazing!!! I love that she has a family coming for her!!! <3