Friday, August 26, 2011

Find My Family Friday - Maxim

Today I want to remind you about Maxim. Sweet, smiley Maxim who is just crying out for a family of his own…

Maxim is almost 7-years-old and is living at the special needs orphanage for older children. Yet Maxim is just bursting with life and potential and he deserves so much more than what he is receiving right now. He deserves more than a group of two dozen children and just two caregivers. He deserves more than day after day in a wheelchair because there are simply not enough therapy hours to go around. He deserves more than only the occasional loving touch from workers who are stretched way too thin as they care for children with much greater physical needs than his. Maxim deserves to be the center of attention. He deserves access to therapies that will allow him to run and play and learn and grow. He deserves a mama and papa who will shower him with love and affection every single day.

In the words of Melissa, “Maxim’s Mom and Dad… Where are you???”
There is currently $355 available to the next family who adopts and older boy with Down syndrome. Please help Maxim’s family find him by sharing his story and remembering him in your prayers. . For more information, click here.

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Unknown said...

i want to help them all! xxx