Sunday, August 14, 2011

Find My Family Friday - Andrey S

I’m sorry this is late. This week kind of got away from me but this week’s precious little boy has never been far from my mind…

I read recently about a little boy being adopted from Eastern Europe. This little boy has been blessed with a little something extra (an extra 21st chromosome that is), better known as Down syndrome. Amidst all the Russian words in his file however, one English phrase stood out from the rest. In the section listing his diagnoses, instead of Down syndrome, it simply stated “child with no promise”.

A few days after reading this story, I saw the following commercial on TV and found myself in tears.

It is powerful commercial and I fully support the intended message to open our eyes and see the potential lying within our homeless youth. As I watched it however, I was not thinking about the homeless youth of North America, I was thinking about the discarded children of Eastern Europe.

“Child with no promise”. I wish I could say this was an isolated case but unfortunately, that is not the reality. It may not always be written so clearly in black and white but those words represent the opinions of many when it comes to children with special needs. I know for a fact that that’s what Andrey’s workers think of him.

Andrey, the little boy with the loving heart, quirky sense of humour and impish grin yet when the workers look at him, they see none of that. They see a child who takes longer to learn than some of the others around him. I see a child whose determination and achievements are worth celebrating. They see a child who spends much of his time sullen and withdrawn. I see a child who is smart enough to know who really cares about him and he saves his smiles for them. They see a child with no promise but not me. When I look at Andrey I see countless signs of potential brilliance, I see every indication that he will turn out well… I see a child just bursting with promise, if only someone would care enough to give him the love and nurturing he so desperately needs.

Do you see what I see? I know that so many of you do yet still, he waits. Just a couple days after I last posted about Andrey (you can read my previous posts here and here) the following words appeared on his profile in ominous red letters:


My heart sunk. He has been waiting so long already and his chances at a family will only grow dimmer if he is transferred, not to mention what might happen to him in an institution for older children. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s concerned about him. A couple of weeks ago a facebook group was started to raise money and awareness for Andrey. Already his grant is over $9,000 not to mention all the people who have seen his face and read his story for the first time. I am hoping and praying that it might finally be his time. You can help us find this little boy’s family by donating to his grant fund, sharing his story and, as always, remembering him in your prayers. For more information or to donate, click here.


Dana said...

Yay!!!!! Andrey is going home soon!!!!!!!!

Sabrina said...

Saw this little guy on the "My Family Found Me" page on RR.

So happy for little Andrey and his new family!!