Monday, July 11, 2011

New button!

So it seems that my “Find My Family Friday” posts are attracting quite a bit of attention; I’ve even had people find my blog by Googleing “Find My Family Friday”! For that reason, I wanted to make it easier for people to find all my “Find My Family Friday” posts all on one page and easier for others to link back to my posts on their own blogs. So… I made a button!

I would definitely not describe myself as very technically inclined so I was pretty excited when I managed to figure it out. Anyway, feel free to grab my new button for your blog and help me get the word out about my babies. Let’s face it, I try to find other things to talk about but really, this blog is all about them :)


Unknown said...

am grabbing it for my blog now!xxxx

Amanda said...

You know I soooo want to put that on my blog. Soon!

Sarah said...

It's on my blog! :)