Friday, July 1, 2011

Find My Family Friday - Victoria

For those of you who have been keeping track, you may have noticed that I have now officially featured all of “my angels” in their own Find My Family Friday post. Yet there are still other kids in the same city, kids who I have met and held in my arms, kids who have been waiting far too long for a family of their own.

Today I want to introduce you to Victoria.

Vika (short for Victoria) was at the same baby orphanage as the rest of my kids only she was transferred about one month before I got there. Still, I felt like I knew her. As one of the highest functioning kids, she was outside often and all the other volunteers knew her well. They would talk about her often and it became clear that this little girl was quite the spitfire. She may be blind but she sure didn’t let that stop her. The volunteers would tell stories of how she would run all over the place, bumping into things and getting right back up again. She was hyper, wild and, well, defiant. I often wondered what must have been going through this sweet girl’s head to make her act out that way.

When I found out that Dima and Igor had been transferred, I learned that they were moved to the same orphanage as Vika. So, when I finally went to visit them, I got to see Vika as well. Another volunteer who knew Vika from the baby orphanage was with me and we were both amazed at the change in her. This once wild, defiant little girl was now so calm and gentle. She was still outgoing and very *able* but she was no longer running around aimlessly. Instead, she enjoyed simply snuggling in the arms of her caregivers. Vika has found love and acceptance at her new orphanage and it has made all the difference.

Vika is at a good orphanage right now but at eight-years-old she will be transferred again. Where to? No one knows but I hope and pray that she never has to find out. Because Vika is already 5-years-old, she was eligible for a 5/5/5 Warrior. When no one chose her, Dima’s mom Amanda stepped forward. Despite the fact that they already have so much money to raise to bring Dima home, Amanda cannot bear the thought of Vika being left behind. As she so aptly puts it, Vika is the closest thing to a sister that Dima has ever known. I know it would mean so much to Amanda to see Victoria’s grant go up. It would mean even more to see her sweet face on the “My Family Found Me” page. You can help this precious little girl find her family and encourage another weary mama all at the same time by sharing Victoria’s story, donating to her grant fund and praying that her family finds her soon. For more information or to donate, click here.

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