Friday, July 8, 2011

Find My Family Friday - Maxim

Before I tell you about Maxim, I want to tell you about my new friend Jane over at Flight Platform Living. Jane is a warrior for a sweet little girl named Francine and every week she does “Forget-Me-Not Friday” posts in Francine’s honour. Starting this week, Jane is inviting other orphan warriors like me to join with her and link up to her post to let the world know about the angels on our hearts. I encourage you to go check out her blog and if you too are an orphan warrior, advocating for a special little who is close to your heart, consider linking up next week. It’s a great way to get the word out and support one another as we all work hard to find families for these kids.

On to Maxim… Maxim is at the special needs orphanage and although he is not in one of the groups I was working with, I have met him and can tell you from personal experience that he is a very sweet little boy.

I first met Maxim back in October when Liza’s parents were in country waiting to bring her home. Liza’s mom Melissa had fallen in love with Maxim on Reece’s Rainbow so we spoke with the director at the special needs orphanage and arranged to visit him. What a sweetheart! He was a tiny little guy with a shy smile who was proud to show off his standing/walking skills and then simply cuddle in our laps. We didn’t get to spend much time with him but by the time we left, there was no doubt that Melissa and I were both smitten.

A month or so later I got to see Maxim again when I went to visit another little girl from Reece’s Rainbow who was in the same group as him. I got to spend a little more time playing with him this time and once again, little Maxim captured my heart. He is such a happy, joyful little guy and as we played ball together I got to hear his adorable little laugh before he came to snuggle with me once more.

A while back Melissa wrote a very touching post about Maxim where she pointed out something that she had not noticed before. In one of the pictures she took of Maxim during our visit with him, Maxim was signing family!

The sign for family

When I first read that and looked up the sign for family, I literally got goose bumps – Melissa was not exaggerating, Maxim was doing it perfectly! Do I believe that Maxim miraculously learned sign language and was consciously letting us know what he wanted? No, but I do believe that God used that little boy’s hands to let us know what he truly needed – a family of his very own.

Maxim is nearly seven years old and with every birthday his chance at a family grows slimmer and slimmer. Maxim is loved by his caretakers who would love to see him find a family and be able to reach his fullest potential. Unfortunately, there are some changes going on in his orphanage right now (change in management, lower staff-to-child ratios, etc.) that have me concerned for Maxim’s wellbeing. Maxim has waited long enough, he needs a family now. Like Liza, because Maxim is considered an “older child” he does not have a grant of his own but right now there is $826 in the older boys’ grant so if you’re considering adopting Maxim, that grant could be his if you act fast. You can help Maxim find his family by sharing his story and praying that this forgotten little boy would be forgotten no longer. For more information, click here.


Amanda said...

Shared on a Friday....I have never see a bunch of those pictures....So sweet. Love you bunches.. Countdown till Hayley gets there, 4 days :-)

Melissa said...

I don't know if I've seen some of these pictures before. They are great! He IS such a happy, sweet little guy. Reading this made me miss him, and renewed my hope for his family to find him.

Pam said...

Thanks so much for sharing the Forget Me Not Friday linkup. I think its a great idea. Thanks for passing it on!

Unknown said...

just done a proper link to your amazing blog andrea today. I added some beautiful pictures of you and these amazing kiddies as well, i hope you dont mind! you do sound and look like a proud momma! i love your soul and heart with these kids xxx