Saturday, February 19, 2011


Over the past six months I have seen many things that broke my heart, haunting images that are never far from my mind. Trying to process it all has not been easy. I want to share my experiences, I need to share what I saw for the sake of these children but right now, I am still trying to find the words. In the meantime, I  want to share my highlights from the past six months because as I try to make sense of all that I left behind, I know that I also need to remember the good moments and all the ways in which I saw God's hand at work. So here they are, my highlights...

The first day that God got me inside the orphanage!

Experiencing the presence of Jesus like never before as I loved on
His special needs angels at the children's hospital

Precious 9-year-old Marina
Sweet 13-year-old Tanya

Liza's "Gotcha Day"

Every single moment spent with Group 9

Snuggling with my two "littlest angels"...
(Dasha and Andriy)

Watching 4-year-old Andriy (blind) take his first steps unassisted

Crowning my princesses at the special needs orphanage

Christmas photo shoots with "my" babies whose families are in the process of bringing them home

Andriy and Dasha

Aloysha (soon to be Lucas)

McJoyful with intellectual handicapped adults from the local mental institution

Christmas parties at the special needs orphanage

Seeing Dima's sweet face on Reece's Rainbow's "My Family Found Me" page


Amanda said...

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. But things are moving forward. Diana's new picture is up and hopefully some of your other kids will be added soon. I know the story may be hard to tell but it needs to be told, when you are ready.

Amanda said...

I forgot to ask who is the baby being feed at the top? Is that Andriy?

andrea said...

That's Paulina at the top... I haven't talked about her much as I didn't get to spend that much time with her but there is a better (slightly) picture of her in my "My Angels" post.

Corrie said...

Oh, Andrea! We have been praying so much for you! I know the God of all comfort will continue to comfort you as you work through all your experiences! We are grateful beyond words that He placed you there exactly when God placed you there! He is so faithful! He continues to use your time there in a mighty way on behalf of the children you had to leave behind!

Melissa said...

Love you Andrea! And I have been praying for you lots. I just cry every time I come over here and see the pics of all the kids. There is so much joy though mixed with the pain, and I hope you can feel that. If you are ever anywhere near Virginia please let us know so we can see you again and give you a huge hug! :)