Thursday, December 9, 2010

True Princesses - Daughters of the KING!!!

On Tuesday I introduced my girls at the special needs orphanage to Sasha Svinya (Sasha the Pig)…

Sasha’s father is a king – that makes her a princess! I shared with the girls about how God is a king too, but not just any king, He is The King of the whole universe and since God is their Father, that makes them princesses too!

Intellectually, these girls are at around a 5-year-old level so keeping their attention is difficult (especially with translation) and I never know how much they are retaining. Well, I was delighted today to walk in and the first thing they asked me was, “Where’s Sasha?” Horary, they remembered! Not only did they remember the lesson from Tuesday, they understood it as well. When I asked them what we talked about they said, “God!” and when I asked them what God is they said, “A king!!” “So what does that make you?” I asked. “Princesses!!!” they cheered. “Well,” I said “if you are princesses then you are missing one thing…” And before I even got a chance to ask them what that was, they responded with “Crowns!”.

Well, today the princesses got their crowns…

I wasn’t sure how smoothly today would go but it truly could not have gone any better. The girls were so excited to make their crowns. They shared beautifully, waited patiently when they needed help and worked diligently to make sure each jewel was in just the right spot. As each of them finished, I made a big deal out of crowning them “Princess so-and-so” and some of them were so excited they literally squealed with joy! Tonight was one of the highlights of my time here in Ukraine so far and I pray that it will serve as a reminder to the girls for years to come of just how precious they are to their Heavenly Father.

Without further delay… Da da da dum… Presenting…

Princess Katya!

Princess Yulia!

Princess Michelle!

Princess Nastia!

Princess Yana!

Princess Alina!

Princess Katya!

Princess Natasha!

Princess Nastia!

Princess Violietta!

Princess Alina!

I don't know about you, but I think they're some of the most beautiful princesses I've ever seen...


Anonymous said...

Great activity, awesome idea. They all look so happy and beautiful. Love you, Lynda

hartelijk said...

This really is so precious, so beautifull.
I know for sure this has an impact on their life, they'll remember this for a long time!
I pray blessings upon you and the work you are doing!
Love Adriana