Friday, December 10, 2010

Moved to tears... again

Do you remember Brady???

His picture has been on my sidebar for the past month and a half as my featured “waiting child”. Well, Brady’s not a waiting child anymore… he has a FAMILY!!! Ever since I first read his story, Brady has been weighing heavily on my heart, even more so than the other children I featured before him. When I read the news that his family had found him my eyes immediately welled with tears…. I just can’t help it. The beauty of adoption, it gets me every time.

But there’s another little guy who needs our prayers. Heath is at the same institution as Brady. Yes, it is an institution and it is one of the bad ones. Heath has already been there for several years and his situation is all but hopeless yet if God can raise up a family for Brady (and Tori, and Yulia) then surely he can raise up a family for Heath as well. Please join me in praying that this is the last Christmas that Heath will spend in an institution.

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