Wednesday, December 22, 2010

McJoyful Christmas

As I mentioned earlier this month, being here in Ukraine over the holiday season means that I have the opportunity to be a part of “McJoyful Christmas” where we will be taking approximately 5000 orphans to McDonald’s over the span of just two weeks! From what I’ve heard, it sounds like an absolutely amazing program that not only brings joy to these orphaned children at Christmas time but also provides the opportunity to share the story of Jesus with them. It is a real highlight for the kids and they talk about it all year round.

McJoyful starts tomorrow and will run from 10-6, 6 days a week until around January 8th. I am looking forward to seeing the joy and excitement on the kids faces and am glad for the opportunity to play a small part in putting them there but I also want to ask for your prayers. I have heard from other volunteers that McJoyful can also be long and exhausting. I also know that working with older children is always really difficult for me due to the language barrier (how thankful I am that God has called me to mostly non-verbal children!). Please pray that God would fill me with motivation and enthusiasm and that He would equip me to give my best to each and every group that walk through those golden arches.

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hartelijk said...

Praying for you,
i know He will provide you with everything you need and more!
Love Adriana