Saturday, November 27, 2010

Adoption Update

Some of you have been asking so I wanted to update you on the international adoption moratorium vote here in Ukraine. The vote has been postponed once again until the week of December 14-17. Good news for families who are here right now, just about ready to bring their children home but for everyone else it just means more agonizing waiting, wondering, worrying. I look at it as God giving us the opportunity to pray even more, storming the gates of heaven on behalf of the orphans in this country. Let us do just that, shall we?
In other news, do you remember Andriy, the sweet little angel featured in the last three photos of my ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post below? Well, he may not know it yet but he is not an orphan anymore! I just found out that Dasha’s family has decided to adopt Andriy as well. Yep, Dasha and Andriy are going to be twins, just two weeks apart! When I saw the news I literally wept with tears of joy. I am so in awe of what God is doing on behalf of the children of Khrivoy Rog and delighted to know that these little ones whom I have come to love so much will never see the inside of a metal institution.


Sarah said...

Meaning "Marlena"'s family is adopting "John Mark" too? Not "Andriy" with the one blind eye??

andrea said...

Yes, sorry, sometimes I forget to use their Reece's Rainbow names... Marlena and John Mark will be adopted together :)