Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet Yulia

As you all know, things here have been tough for me lately. In the midst of it all however, God has reminded me of His goodness, His power and His Fatherly love for His children. Yes, God has shone a bright ray of hope into the darkness and despair and her name is Yulia. You may remember me posting about little Yulia a couple weeks ago. Yulia is a little girl with a rare, fatal disease who has spent her entire life lying in a crib, never being taken out except to be fed or bathed. The four walls of that crib would have been all she knew until the day she died but God had other plans for Yulia. People around the world rallied in prayer and financial support and God, in all His glory and might, has raised up a family for this little one. Now, for however long Yulia has left on this earth, she will know what it is to be treasured, what it is to be loved. You can read more about Yulia’s family here.

Surely Yulia’s was a hopeless case but our God is a God of hope, a God of life, a God who makes possible the impossible. What a great reminder. To all of you who prayed or even donated for Yulia, thank you for being a part of the miracle of hope that God is doing in her life.

p.s. You’ll notice I’ve added a new picture to my sidebar… That is Tori, another angel right here in Ukraine who is in desperate need of a family. Let’s continue to pray these little ones home!

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The Ironic Catholic said...

*Thank you* for letting people know about Tori! Today is her birthday and the bets present wwould be prayer, money to her fund, and (best of all) a family....