Monday, September 20, 2010

Pressing On

It’s a rainy day today which means not a lot of time with the kids. Once again, we tried to go inside the orphanage and once again, we were denied. After leaving the orphanage we ran into Ira, Ed’s colleague, the “woman in charge” here in Khrivoy Rog. She spoke to me about things that God Himself has been speaking to me over the past few weeks. She said that in the past 4 years that she has been working for Ed here in Khrivoy Rog, I am the first person that has tried to work inside the babies’ orphanage. Unlike other orphanages where the directors are much more open, the babies’ orphanage is much more reluctant to accept volunteers and so people have simply gone and played with the kids while they were outside and left. She also said that even before I arrived, God has been putting this place on her heart more and more and that she has felt a stronger and stronger urge to get in there. She said that she believes that God is doing something in the babies’ orphanage and for whatever reason, He has brought me here to be a part of it. As I have spent time praying over the past few weeks, I have sensed God telling me the same thing. I think of all that has led me to this point, of the past several years where I have been praying for an opportunity to work with orphans in Eastern Europe and how this opportunity just all of a sudden fell into my lap. I realize that out of all the places God could have sent me, He sent me here to Khrivoy Rog. Not last year, not next year but now, at this exact moment in time. I don’t believe it was a coincidence. I believe that God has begun a great work here and that He has invited me to be a part of it. Not because I’m anyone special, I’m just an ordinary person and there are surely countless people more qualified than me, but because God in all His grace chooses to use ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. I am humbled at the thought.

Anyway, Ira encouraged me to persevere in love and boldness, patience and confidence. Then she called the director who said that starting Thursday I will be able to go inside. So far the difficulties have been with the workers and head supervisor, not the director. Nevertheless on Thursday we will try again and, if they say no again Ira will be by the phone ready to speak to the director. This time we will not be so easily turned away. In the meantime, Ira called the director of the special needs orphanage and tomorrow we will meet with her to discuss the possibility of me spending some time there in the afternoons. Please keep both of these events in your prayers.

Finally, one last prayer request… Tomorrow, Parliament here in Ukraine is scheduled to consider a bill that would ban international adoptions. This is not the first time this bill has come up. It failed the last time, but it was not without support (kind of like Quebec separatism in the 90’s). If it passes however, all international adoptions will end. The implications of such a bill would be catastrophic, especially for special needs orphans. Please pray that this bill would again be defeated.

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