Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My heart broke...

Today I find myself in a place of brokenness...

This morning while I was with Lienna we saw a mother caring for her severely handicapped son and Lienna turned to me and said, “What a sorrow to give birth to such a child”. That, after just this morning I was reading about how each one of us has been wonderfully created as God’s image-bearers. My heart broke.

Later while Lienna and I were playing with some of the older kids, one of the little girls’ biological parents came to visit her and as soon as she saw them she started to cry. This happy-go-lucky little girl cries every time her parents come to visit for reasons I can only imagine. My heart broke.

My heart breaks today for this world where children who are different are seen as no more than a burden, this world where, as I was told today, “bad parents are better than no parents”. My heart breaks today for my special needs treasures whom I long to hold yet whom I haven’t seen in over a week because the weather has turned colder and the workers no longer bring them outside.

Yes, today my heart is broken yet I cling to God’s promise that, “To all who mourn… he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. For they will be like strong and graceful oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory.” (Isaiah 61:3)


Ferdi said...

wow - i can imagine the pain ... These things make us scream - throw-up - get mad ...
and yet it's because God allows us to see this that we understand more of his LOVE for the world. He wants to see his children carred for.

It reminds me of a song of Leeland... Tears of the Saints...

There are many prodigal sons
On our city streets they run
Searching for shelter
There are homes broken down
People's hopes have fallen to the ground
From failures

This is an emergency!

There are tears from the saints
For the lost and unsaved
We're crying for them come back home
We're crying for them come back home
And all your children will stretch out their hands
And pick up the crippled man
Father, we will lead them home
Father, we will lead them home

andrea said...

thanks ferdi, i looked up the song and loved it so much i added it to my playlist...