Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A treasure hidden in the darkness

When I woke up this morning it was raining so, knowing that the babies’ orphanage would not be bringing the kids outside, I called Lienna to see if we could go to the children’s hospital instead. She spoke to the director and was told that we were welcome to come. We met at the hospital at 10:00 and had to wait two whole hours before the director finally had someone take us to where they keep the abandoned babies. It was so worth it though because for the next 2 hours (an unheard of amount of time) I got to hold this sweet angel.

Doesn’t that precious little face just make your heart melt??? This is Dashsa, she is 6 weeks old and she has Down syndrome. As I held Dasha, I thought about how different these first weeks of her life have been compared to most babies. There would have been no celebration on the day that she was born. Instead, one good look at her would have brought nothing but sorrow. Next, doctors and nurses would have begun telling her parents that the only option was to place her in an institution. I don’t know if the mother was quick to give her up or if it was the hardest decision she’d ever had to make but either way, the decision was made and their tiny baby girl was whisked away, probably never to be spoken of again. Since then Dasha has most likely spent the majority of her time alone in her crib. As I held her today I wondered, has anyone ever rocked her to sleep or sung her a lullaby? Has anyone ever kissed her sweet little forehead or marvelled at her tiny little fingers? Has she ever heard the words, “I love you” or been told how beautiful she is? Has anyone ever dreamed about her future or stood over her crib watching her sleep because they just couldn’t drag themselves away? This precious little angel, the Father’s princess, has become like a treasure hidden in the darkness.

After leaving the hospital Lienna and I went to meet with the director of the special needs orphanage. Out of the three directors, she is by far the most open and worked with us to find a time that would fit both of our schedules. It was decided that I would come in the evenings from 6:00-7:00 to work with a group of girls aged 11 and older who are highly functioning. If it were up to me, I would have chosen to work with the youngest kids (what can I say, I love the little ones) or the severely handicapped children who never leave their beds but Lienna told me that she had the opportunity to work with this group of girls in the summer and that she really felt like God wanted to do something in their lives. Don’t you love the way God works, that out of all the groups the director could have asked us to work with, that’s the one she chose? Unfortunately Lienna is not available to come with me in the evenings but I am meeting tomorrow with someone who is and then hopefully we will start going there on Monday.

So, it looks like things may actually get a little busier for me here. Thank you for your prayers thus far and please continue to remember Thursday, the day we try to get inside the babies’ orphanage, in your prayers.

Praising God for today’s victories and looking forward with anticipation to what He will continue to do.


Michelle Z said...

oh what a beautiful baby!! I just found your blog today through a comment you left about the Parliament vote.

We brought home our lovely, wonderful daughter from Ukraine this summer, and she recently turned 6. We were in Kyiv the entire time. I love Ukraine and home to go back again someday. Take good care of those babies, as much as you can :)

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

What an answer to prayer! It is so cool watching the hand of God at work. I look forward to following your journey and praying for you.


Mom said...

She's so beautiful... and so alert in your arms. Did you hear about the bill banning international adoptions

The Priests are Growing! said...

How incredible you are and oh how God is using you. We have been praying for this baby. I am so glad someone is there to hold her. If you see little Artem, I would love for someone to hold him. I have these same thoughts about the first months of his little life. Please pray that we can get to him soon and bring him home. A picture would be an answer to prayer....