Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day of Celebration

So, this morning was the celebration the director had told us about, the one we bought the little girl the dress for which then got us inside the orphanage. Anyway, the celebration was today and we were invited. The whole thing was quite anticlimactic, lasting all of 7 minutes. It reminded me of home videos of my ballet “recital” when I was four-years-old, a bunch of toddlers running around not quite sure what they’re doing while the teachers remind them when to clap, spin around, etc. I tried to take pictures but the lighting wasn’t great and there were a bunch of heads in my way. They were cute though.

I’m still not sure what the whole celebration was about but I can tell you what I’m celebrating today… Today I spent 5.5 hours inside the babies’ orphanage! Yes, you read that right, five and a half hours!!! It was pouring rain all day today so after the celebration Lienna and I went upstairs and played with the kids inside, staying until after lunch. Then I had Lienna ask if I could come back at 4:00 and they said yes so back I went and as 6:00 came and went no one asked me to leave so I stayed. Finally at 7:00 the night worker who speaks a bit of English told me I should leave as she was worried about me getting home in the dark. I wasn’t able to explain to her that I only live 2 minutes from the babies’ orphanage (a big perk to our new apartment) but maybe once I do she’ll let me stay even longer. It’s hard to believe that a week ago today I was lying on my “sick bed” begging God to break down the walls and get me in. Now the workers welcome me with a smile, call me by name and sometimes even ask for my help… Now that is something to celebrate indeed – yea God!

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