Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clean bill of health

I am happy to report that I have finally been given a clean bill of health and am now in possession of that magical document, my golden ticket you might call it, which will allow me to get into the children’s hospital and the special needs orphanage. All that for a simple piece of paper…

We tried to go meet with the director of the children’s hospital this morning but she was busy and told us to call and make an appointment. As for the special needs orphanage, a bunch of the kids there are sick and so they are under quarantine for at least another week. In other news, apparently one of Ed’s colleagues here in Khrivoy Rog spoke to the director of the babies’ orphanage last week and was told that I could go in anytime and help feed the children, bathe the children, etc. As you well know, that has not been the case so she is going to call the director to get clarification and, if I am indeed allowed to go in, ask her to speak to the workers on my behalf.

I find myself growing weary of the long, dull days and all the effort that goes into taking one tiny step forward, only to have to stop and wait once again. Nevertheless, I continue to feel a great sense of expectation for all that God is going to do. Please continue to pray that God’s hand of favour would be upon Lienna and myself and that God would work all things out in His time.

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