Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunshine Orphanage

As it turns out, the older kids are not at camp this week so this morning we went to the Sunshine Orphanage and spent about an hour playing with the kids while they were outside. The language barrier was tough but I found a ball to toss around and managed to make a couple friends. One of the other girls had her camera with her and let the kids take some pictures so, here’s your first glimpse at our kids here…

I wish I could tell you this little guy's name but I have yet to learn how to ask that question in Russian... nevertheless he was such a sweetheart. He was sitting off by himself so I went and sat beside him and he chatted away to me while I smiled back at him. Maybe one day we'll actually be able to have a bit of a conversation :)

This is Luba. She is a very bossy little girl which actually worked out to my advantage as she used lots of gestures and expression to make sure she was making herself understood. I spent most of our morning there playing ball with her and another little girl named Christina (pictured below)

Playing ball with Christina (you're probably wondering about the lack of clothes... like I've said, it's super-hot outside so really, can you blame them?)

Ok, Luba kind of cut me off a bit in this picture but I still think it's cute...

Myself, Hayley and Ashley along with a couple of the kids

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