Monday, August 16, 2010

Russian Update

I am happy to report that I have indeed managed to learn all 32 letters of the Russian alphabet (thanks Mike!). I have to say, it really does help a lot. My latest hobby this past week as we’ve been on the bus, walking down the street, etc. has been to try to read all the signs. Granted, it takes me like 5 minutes to sound out one word but it’s still exciting to be able to read what they say and even more exciting when I actually understand what they mean (words like market, tavern, restaurant, pasta, etc. are pretty much the same as in English and therefore very easy to understand once you can read)! At church on Sunday I was even able to sing along to a couple of the choruses and learn a few new words after reading them over and over again. I still have an incredibly long way to go but it’s an encouraging start. Thank you to all of you who have been praying specifically for this. Please pray that I would continue to have the motivation, discipline, resources and ability to learn more and more each day.