Friday, August 27, 2010

Moving forward

Today was much easier than I expected. After spending a bit of time going from person to person to get approval for me to get the tests I needed, we walked in and got my chest x-ray without having to wait at all. Yesterday all of us here at the house were placing “bets” on how long I’d be at the hospital today, with guesses ranging from 5-12 hours. As it turns out, we were in and out of there in one hour flat and needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

On Monday we go back to get blood, urine and stool tests done (you should have seen poor Lienna trying to translate that one…) then we should be able to go back and pick up the results in about a week. So, it was another quiet day but I am thrilled to be making such great progress. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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Hoyer said...

Hi Andrea,

I'm following your blog daily and praise God for the wonderful things which are happening. How encouraging! Andrée Hoyer