Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Week

Well, it’s been just over a week since I got back from Africa and I thought it was time I update you on how I’m doing. Actually, I’m doing quite well. The transition back has been much “easier” than I expected it to be. I think one of the reasons for that is because I don’t really see as a transition back to life here but more like a vacation, a furlough so to speak, before I continue on to the Ukraine. I am really excited about leaving for Ukraine in two months and, in the meantime, I am enjoying spending time with my family, resting and organizing presentations and other opportunities to share with people about all that God has been doing. Still, whether or not I ever go back, Africa will forever hold a piece of my heart and, if God told me to, I would happily get on the next plane to go back.

So, just to give you a glimpse of where my heart is at right now, here are the top ten things I’ve enjoyed about being home and the top ten things I miss about Africa…

Top 10 Things I’ve Enjoyed About Being Home

10. Movies

9. Sweatpants :)

8. Fast, reliable internet whenever I want it

7. Beginning to be able to share in person about all that God has done

6. A couch to lounge on

5. Sunday morning worship, in English

4. Hot showers

3. Going for a walk and not having men shouting out at me from the side of the road

2. Good cereal with real milk

1. Conversation with my family – it’s free, the reception’s great and we never get cut off because the phone card runs out, the cell battery dies, etc.!

Top 10 Things I Miss Most About Africa

10. Being surrounded by breath-taking beauty

the view from the backyard of the orphanage

9. Visits to the maternity

outside the maternity with the receptionist, Suzanne and one of the other midwives

8. Rice and beans

like I said, I love rice & beans!

7. Boda boda rides

taken in 2007

6. Sharing my heart with “missionary” friends who truly get it

Holly (and Israel) & Sarah (and Jodie)

5. Spending countless hours pushing kids on the swing while singing songs of praise and worship to God or listening as they sang quietly to themselves songs that I had taught them in preschool

Marleine loved the swing & she really, really loved to sing

4. Preschool

3. My friends

at our "farewell lunch"

2. Snuggling with my two “special” boys

Bwemere & Matabaro

1. All the kids, whether from the orphanage in Congo, the slums of Katanga, the village of Masese or Our Own Home, who just want to be loved

Bugolobi Primary School

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Jenny said...

The Bugolobi picture just gave me goosebumps! How great God is!