Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coming to an end...

Whew, what a day! What a great, long, wonderful day… This morning I went to visit my good friend Sarah who I’ve mentioned before here. Her husband is the principle at the school where the African Children’s Choir kids return to after tour and, as I’ve mentioned before, I truly feel like she is a long lost sister so it was really good to spend some time with her again. After that I met up with two of my African friends and we went to visit the child that my family sponsors. I thought we would be going to his home but as it turned out Teacher Hellen had arranged for all of us to meet at her place instead. When we arrived we discovered that Allan, our sponsor child, had been there since the morning and that the two of them had prepared a huge, delicious meal for us. Teacher Hellen has got to be one of the most generous, hospitable people I know and the five of us had a really great afternoon together, talking, praying for one another and laughing so hard my side hurt.

Allan lives with his grandmother and when I asked how she was doing he said that she was good but that she was disappointed she wasn’t going to get to see me. The truth is, I was a little disappointed too and so the four of us decided to head over there. I wish you should have seen the smile on her face and heard her squeals of delight as she saw us coming around the corner! We didn’t stay for too long but I was happy to be able to hand deliver the food I had bought for them (she must have said thank you at least two dozen times!), to greet her on behalf of my family and to pray with her in person.

Finally, after leaving Allan’s place, Bonny and I went to check in on Paul and his family in Katanga. By that point it was dark and rainy so we were only there a few minutes but I was happy to see them one last time. At some point during the day today it hit me that I am leaving in just two days and I nearly began to cry. How I’m going to leave behind these people, this place that I love so much I just don’t know… Please pray for me tomorrow as I spend one final day with my friends, that the day would be a blessing an encouragement for them and for me as well.

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Jenny said...

God bless Teacher Helen! I am so glad you got to visit her! Allan looks great! What a good kid he is!