Friday, April 30, 2010


So, even after the power came back on yesterday, the internet was down for all but about ten minutes (during which time I managed to post the blog and send out the e-mail which I had typed out). Today I was supposed to spend the day with a friend but something came up and he had to cancel, giving me one more day to just relax here at the guesthouse. The internet was up and running again this morning and so, except for a trip down the road for pizza and ice cream, I spent the whole day online catching up on e-mails and blogs just as I had hoped to do yesterday... Have I mentioned lately that God is so good to me?

Tomorrow however, I re-enter Africa so to speak. Many of you will remember Kids Club, where we distributed all those school supplies back in January. Well, tomorrow I will be visiting them once again. In the morning I will be meeting up with my friend Bonny and he will be taking me to see a set of three-year-old triplets that they sponsor (who were just babies the last time I saw them in 2007!) and then we will head to Kids Club in Katanga. I am looking forward to catching up with Bonny, seeing the kids we gave the school bags to once again, and also being able to experience a "normal" week of Kids Club. At the same time however, the thought of it all just makes me feel tired. Please pray that God would give me the energy I need to make it through what looks like it's going to be a busy day and that, even when I feel like I have given all I have to give, that He would fill me once again so that I can pour out His love on all those I come in contact with.

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