Monday, February 1, 2010


So, the bus that goes to the Congo broke down sometime today and as a result the trip for tonight was cancelled meaning that I will have to take the bus tomorrow evening instead. I wasn’t really too shocked or surprised, like I said, TIA (This Is Africa) but I will be honest and say that I was rather disheartened. The first thing that flashed in my mind was dollar signs… I had just paid $30 to get my bags to the bus park, now I was going to have to pay again to take them back and then again to bring them back tomorrow, not to mention having to pay for another night at the guesthouse, etc. Yet I read just yesterday in my devotional that God plans out each day and has it ready for me long before I arise from bed so how can I not trust that He knows what He’s doing? I know that we choose how we react to situations that arise so tonight I am choosing to play the thankfulness game… God, thank You that I was not on the bus that broke down, thank You that Bonny was with me to help me sort out all the details and keep me company while I waited for the taxi to come back to get me and my bags, thank You for the extra few hours Bonny and I got to spend together, thank You for a reliable driver who would come and pick me up on short notice for a reasonable price, thank You for a safe, comfortable place to come back to for the night…

So, seeing as my friends are all busy tomorrow I guess I’ll just be hanging out at the guesthouse tomorrow and then at 7:00 the driver will come back and I’ll try again. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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SuzanneCarson said...

aha! so many more hours of prayer to lavish on you before your travels :) Sorry you feel a bit down about it, but God's plan is perfect, be assured!