Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye Uganda, Congo Here I Come...

What a day… I was on the road from 2:00-9:30 today from Holly’s van to public bus to private taxi to public taxi to motorcycle and finally my friend Mark’s car. It was a little exhausting but I suppose a good warm up for the 20 hour bus ride I have ahead of me tomorrow…

Anyway, I am now back in Kampala after a great week in Jinja. I didn’t end up visiting as many different ministries as I had hoped to but I sure had a great time with Holly’s kids. I could easily see myself spending four months there and, once again, I was sad to say goodbye but the truth is, they really don’t need me there. They have two long-term volunteers who do a great job taking care of the day-to-day stuff and watching them this past week has made me look forward to my time in the Congo as I imagine I will have a similar role there to what they do at Our Own Home.

So, tomorrow I leave for the Congo and now that that time has come, I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is… how am I feeling? Well, I am obviously looking forward to getting to know and love on those kids. I am also apprehensive about certain things such as the long bus ride by myself, the loneliness that will inevitably come from being the only Muzungu and the only English-speaking person, etc. In spite of these apprehensions though, I have no fear and what I feel most of all is peace. Over the past two weeks I have had a lot of opportunity to spend time with God and I have sensed Him speaking to me and preparing me for these upcoming three months. I get the sense that my time in the Congo is going to be quite difficult yet I feel ready. I want to grow deeper in my relationship with God, I want to truly seek His face every moment of every day, I want to learn what it means to be totally dependent on Him and so my prayer is that He would strip away everything else until all that remains is Him. It’s a scary prayer and I am certain there are going to be times over the course of the next three months that I will wish that I had never prayed it but I am equally certain that when it’s all over it will be so totally worth it. One thing that God has made clear over the past two weeks is that this is where He has called me and that He has gone before me taking care of all the details, all I need to do is give Him my all. I have no idea what these next three months have in store but God has given me verses to cling to and I know that there is nowhere I’d rather be than the center of His will.

So, I am asking for your prayers, both tomorrow as I travel and throughout the upcoming three months. Pray that I would experience God’s presence, that I would continue to trust Him more and more and that no matter what happens that I would remain faithful in giving Him my all (for a more comprehensive list of prayer requests please see my previous post here). I have been told I will have internet access over there but I won’t be sure of anything until I get there. Either way I expect it will take me at least a couple of days to get it all sorted out however I promise that I will post as soon and as often as possible. In the meantime, thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. None of this would be possible without you.

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