Wednesday, January 20, 2010


To make up for yesterday’s long post, I will make this one short and sweet…* Today was another great day. I just got back from spending the evening with my missionary friends, Mark & Sarah. Mark is the principle at Music For Life Primary School, the school the African Children’s Choir kids attend once they return from tour. He and Sarah (and now their two children) have been here for about four years and I first met them during my first three-week trip to Uganda back in 2006. Sarah and I connected right from the start and although I only see her when I’m in Africa and we don’t keep in touch much in between, every time I see her it’s like it’s like reconnecting with a long-lost sister. It was great seeing her again today, to catch up and to share our hearts with one another and to hear what God has been doing in each other’s lives.

This morning I met up with another Ugandan friend of mine and we went to visit Teacher Hellen, the headmistress of Bugolobi school (the school I often refer to as “a local school that I know and love”). The kids are still on holidays but it was great to visit Teacher Hellen at her home and spend a couple hours chatting with her. Teacher Hellen is one of “those” teachers, the kind who should win medals of honor… She is a godly, self-sacrificing woman who, in her many years of teaching, has made a huge impact on the lives on many children, including some of my African friends. About a year ago I sent a small package for Teacher Hellen and Bugolobi school along with a friend of mine who came to Uganda. Among other things there was a card in it for Teacher Hellen, encouraging her in her work with the kids, telling her how much she inspires me and that I pray for her often. Today she told me that she continues to read that card at least once a week and that it is an encouragement to her to persevere. It’s a lesson I have been learning this week, the power of simple things. My African friends, with all the hardships they face, telling me, “Your cards, your e-mails, your notes of encouragement, your prayers, your gifts, no matter how small, they matter, they keep us going…”

Tomorrow looks like another laid back day, visiting with friends, putting batteries into calculators and packing school bags (I really need to get on that before Saturday!)…

Thanks for your prayers!

*Sorry, I tried, but I just can’t do short and sweet!

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