Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is it...

Well, this is it. I leave for the airport in less than an hour and now that all my stuff is finally packed and within the weight limits, I can't wait! If you haven't read this post, please check it out so that you can understand how huge it is that I am leaving for Africa today. Two and a half years ago God promised me that He would bring me back to Africa and tomorrow will mark the fulfillment of that promise. I am overwhelmed right now by God's goodness and His faithfulness to me.

Anyway that's it for now but please check back soon.
AFRICA, land of red earth and potholes and thunder that literally makes the earth shake, land of singing, dancing and unencumbered laughter, land of and the most beautiful children, unexplainable joy and a faith that conquers all... HERE I COME!!!

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