Saturday, January 23, 2010


So, today was the day. This afternoon Sam and Bonny picked me up in a taxi and we loaded all the bags and headed off to Katanga…

Katanga is one of the poorest slums in all of Kampala. Just minutes from Kampala City, sandwiched between the city’s largest hospital and largest university yet, as Sam put it, largely forgotten. Sam and Bonny gave me a tour of the community and then we returned to the football field to begin Kids Club…


They sang some songs and read a bible story and then it was time to distribute the school bags. They took those who attend school to another area and Bonny began speaking to them in Luganda. I understood little of what he was saying but then all of a sudden the room erupted in cheers and I knew he had just told them what was about to happen. He had told them they were going to receive school bags but you should have seen the looks of joy and surprise on their faces when they opened them and saw that there were even school supplies in them…

Of course, things didn’t go perfectly. Once word got out what we were doing parents started bringing their kids and not all were able to receive bags. Still, all things considered it went quite well and Bonny and Sam seemed please which was what was most important to me.

When we got back to the guesthouse Sam shared that he felt today really made a difference for their ministry in that community. You see, Sam and Bonny truly have very little finances for Kids Club except what they can come up with out of their own pockets. They go each week to sing, play games and teach bible stories to the children but the need is so great that it can sometimes feel like they’re not actually doing anything. Let me tell you though, today I saw with my own eyes that they truly are making a difference in this community. When we arrived all the kids ran towards them shouting, “Uncle Sam! Uncle Bonny!” and then walked around with us holding onto their hands. Even though I am a Muzungu visitor which often results in me getting all the attention, the kids were genuinely more excited to see Sam and Bonny then they were to see me and I could not have been more thrilled. I am here for one day and may never see most of those kids again but Sam and Bonny love those kids with all their hearts and they are in it for the long haul – that is what makes the real difference. Still, as Sam said, today was important as, aside from the obvious which is that the children really needed those school supplies, it also showed the parents in the community that Sam and Bonny are serious about helping in any way they can. Sam and Bonny both said that they wish they could write each one of you who donated a personal thank you however they asked me to extend to you their heartfelt gratitude. So, on their behalf and mine, I want to thank each one of you who donated money, bags of school supplies or simply a pack of pencils. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the forgotten children of Katanga and for enabling Sam and Bonny to carry on with this ministry that God has given them.

Webale nnyo!

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Barbara said...

dear andrea
how this blog has blessed me and brought tears to my eyes!!!Thank you so much for beeing our ambassador of love!!And thank you for writing so faithfully.i am so graetful we can all make a difference and touch lives so far away...i love you all
much blessing and prayer barbara