Monday, January 11, 2010

Prayer Requests

Three days and counting until I leave this Thursday for Africa… Just to clarify because I know it’s been confusing, the bulk of my time in Africa will be spent in the Congo however I will also be spending two weeks in Uganda visiting friends and ministries there both before and after my time in the Congo.

Anyway, I wanted to post some prayer requests for the next four months:

1) Health and safety – Congo is much more rural than where I have been in Uganda which can make it more difficult to see a doctor, etc. Please pray that I would remain healthy for the duration of my trip. Please also pray for God’s protection, that He would steer me out of harm’s way if necessary. Finally, please pray that God work out all the details for my bus ride from Uganda to Congo and that everything would go smoothly (perhaps an interesting choice of words given the number of potholes in Africa… :) )

2) Peace for my family – Although the area I plan on traveling to is the safest in the country, Congo is known as a place of conflict and as a result this trip has been harder on my family than my previous trips to Uganda. Please pray that I would have the tools necessary (internet, cell phone, etc.) to communicate with them regularly and that they would experience God’s peace “which transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) as they trust Him with my safety.

3) Language – Where I am going to be in the Congo they speak French and Swahili, no English. Although I have been working predominantly in French for the last year and half I have always had “backup”, a bilingual student or colleague who can help me out if I get stuck for a word. In the Congo I will not have that. Please pray that I would be able to be comfortable in French, that God would give me the right words when I need them and that language would not become a barrier in any way.

4) Wisdom in how to distribute resources – Once again God has provided above and beyond what I needed for this trip. As a result, I have extra finances to bring with me and distribute as I encounter various needs. Please pray that God would give me much wisdom and discernment in making these decisions as I want to be generous and give freely however I don’t want to be seen simply as a “cash cow” nor do I want to be perceived as rich and draw unwanted attention as a result.

5) That I would love fully, not running away from pain or heartbreak, but that I would truly be an ambassador of God’s immeasurable love for these children and that I would be a vessel through which He can make His love known.

Thanks for praying!

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